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Kanabec County, Minnesota
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Table of Contents
History ~ Biographies ~ Maps ~ Queries ~ What's New ~ Lookups ~ "Old Kanabec County Files"
Vital Records ~ Obituaries ~ Family Search: Historical Images & Catalog Resources
Cemeteries ~ Military ~ Native American Resources ~ Odds & Ends

Vital Records ~ Obituaries ~ Family Search: Historical Images & Catalog Resources

Basic Vitals: B ~ M ~ D

Minnesota Birth Files 1990-2020: Reclaim the Records
The files are in csv format
Uploaded in 2023
Please use this Link
If you wish to look at other MN County Birth Records, Please Use This Link

Here are Births for Kanabec: 1880 > 1940

Finding Vital Records for Kanabec County has proved somewhat difficult,
but that said, there are resources in the Historical Images Section and in their General "Collections"

Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Historical Society: Birth Records ~ Death Records
FS Wki: Minnesota Vital Records, Information and Links

Then go to FS for their Collections:
These are Searchable Databases.
Births & Marriages

Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1882-2001; Indexes, 1880-1993
MN Birth Index: 1935 > 2002 ~ 1840 > 1980
Marriages: 1860 > 1949 ~ 1849 > 1950 ~ 1958 > 2001

This Section will contain filmed records found in the Historical Images Section:
For Access:
Sign into your FS Account, Search, Images, A Box Pops
You can do the searches yourself, or use the provided links below

Births / Marriages

Registers and Records
004881741 (Item 3 of 6): 1880-1899
004881741 (Item 6 of 6): Feb 1911 – Oct 1940
004881741 (Item 5 of 6): Mar 1909 – Apr 1910
004881741 (Item 4 of 6): 1900 – 1907
004881741 (Item 2 of 6): 1880 – 1945 [Indexes]
008614904 ~ 008614905 ~ 008614906 ~ 008614907 : 1884 – 2004

Birth & Marriages: Another Film
008614908 : 1884 – 2004

Marriages / Licesnses / Applications
004703909: Apr 1882–Mar 1922, V1
004703908: Feb 1922–Nov 1942 / v. 3 (from p. 340
004703910: Oct 1942–Dec 1953 / v. 5 (from p. 392
008618309 ~ 008618310 ~ 008618311 ~ 008618312 ~ 008618313: 1884–2004

Neighbor County: Aitkin, Vitals

Marriage Bonds and Licenses
There were Death & Cemetery ~ Divorce Records

Death Records: Certificates & Indexes [Some Cemetery Records]
Death Records
007552966 (Item 6 of 8): 1911–1940
007552966 (Item 8 of 8): 1946–1981
007552966 (Item 4 of 8): 1900–1981
007552966 (Item 5 of 8): 1900–1981
007552966 (Item 2 of 8): 1883–1993

Death Record Indexes
007552966 (Item 7 of 8): 1900–1981
007552966 (Item 1 of 8): 1883–1993
007552966 (Item 3 of 8): 1883–1899

Cemetery Records, Death Certificates
008618317 (Item 1 of 2): 1884–2004
008618317 (Item 2 of 2): 1884–1998

Death Certificates
007552720: 1985 / no. 49
007552967: 1946–1952 / v. 1-7
007552722: 1998 / no. 131
007552968: 1953–1959 / v. 8 (from cert. no. 44
007552970: 1967 / v. 22 (from cert. no. 89
007552718: 1973–1979 / v. 28 (from cert. no. 66
007552721: 1991–1998 / no. 131
007552719: 1979–1985 / v. 34 (from cert. no. 88
007552969: 1960 / v. 15 (from cert. no. 65
008618314 ~  008618315  ~ 008618316: 1884–2004

Heritage Hub Newspapers
Mille Lacs Messenger
Star Tribune Newspaper of the Twin cities
Duluth News Tribune
St Paul Pioneer Press, Web Ed
Date Range: 1893- Dec 2023
Please use this link for the Index.
Heritage Hub is a fairly new Digital Newspaper Resource, it is available through local Public Libraries, Access with a Library Card.
But if you do not have access, I will do a lookup: Contact Martha [MNGenWeb Volunteer]
So, send in your names of interest, years, and I will see what I can find

Obituary Indexes from the Legacy Collection of Jose Rivera Nieves
Here is the index for Kanabec
Birth Place not Identified' and 'Minnesota'
Here is the Index for all of Minnesota
Here is the Index for the United States
Here is an index for Countries of the World

The Obituaries indexed on the Nieves Collection may be found using your local Library Resources.
Check in with your Library Card and look for "Heritage Hub" which is a digital database for newspapers.

Family Search Collections: Obituaries

Obituaries: American Historical Society German's from Russia, 1899-2012
[FS Searchable database with Newspaper Clippings]
Here is the WebSite for the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia

"Tidbits of Sublette County, Wyoming"
Compiled by:
Anna Lee Woffinden
Please use this Link: Each Booklet has an index
They contain all sorts of newspaper articles:
Birth, Death, Marriages, Funeral & Burial Announcements and Accidents
The Booklets are in the FS Catalog, Use the above link or:
Log into your account: Search, Catalog, Enter 'Woofinden'
in the Author Slot, Big Piney Examiner will be listed.

There is a website dedicated to Canadian Obits
from local papers.
Please use this link.US Obituaries

Obituary Index [Minnesota State University]
Minnesota Digital Library

Obituaries, Newspapers & Bulletins
The Minnesota Historical Society has a great set of Digitized Newspapers.
The Kanabec County Times [Mora, MN] 1884-1977
Please use this Link for the MN Historical Society Digital Newspaper Hub:
Browse other Titles for Items of intrest, especially Kanabec's Neighbors

Minnesota Newspaper Directory
Chronicling America ~ Google News Archive
Minnesota Historical Society - Old Bulletins

Family Search: Historical Images Section
Records that are not available with the traditional FS Search

Deeds & Property Records, Probate & Estate Files, Land Records, Wills, Migration Records

Deeds, Grantor Deed Indexes, Reception Reports
008397056: 1859–1903 / Vol A
Deeds / Property Records: 1859-1965
Probate Records, Estate Files
Wills: 1885-1920
Declarations of Intent / Naturalization & Citizenship Records: 1867-1945

"The Fine Print"
Kanabec County Coordinator:
State Coordinator:Tim Stowell
Assistant State Coordinator: Karen De Groote
For information about adopting a Minnesota County, please contact Tim: Here is the  list of Counties

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