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Kanabec County, Minnesota
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Table of Contents
History ~ Biographies ~ Maps ~ Queries ~ What's New ~ Lookups ~ "Old Kanabec County Files"
Vital Records ~ Obituaries ~ Family Search: Historical Images & Catalog Resources
Cemeteries ~ Military ~ Native American Resources ~ Odds & Ends

Cemeteries ~ Military ~ Native American Resources ~ Odds & Ends 

"People Legacy" ~ Minnesota Gravestones ~ Find~A~Grave

F~A~G Cemeteries

There were no Cemetery files in the old Kenabec Pages.
There were Cemetery Transcriptions uploaded to the USGenWeb Archives
Those can be found using this Link

There are some Cemetery Records in the FS Historical Image Section
Cemetery Records, Death Certificates
008618317 (Item 1 of 2): 1884–2004
008618317 (Item 2 of 2): 1884–1998

Cemetery records, ca. 1884-1998
Film# 2203627/ Item 2

Military Records & Resources

Civil War Veteran Burial Listings
Vol X
Sherman Lee Pompey
Covering Men In Regiments From Minnesota

FS Wiki:
Minnesota in the Civil War
Another MN Site with War Data "Genealogy Village"

Minnesota Historical Society ~ Fort Snelling
Minnesota Civil War Units ~Battlefield Maps
Civil War Burials - National Search Engine ~Civil War Veteran Burials
Compiled Service Records: Union Soldiers

Minnesota and 'The Wars'
Colonial Wars ~ Dakota War of 1862 ~ 150 Years Later
1862 Indian War Claims ~ Civil & Indian Wars: 1861-1865
Spanish American War & Philippine Insurrection
G A R Membership Records
Modern Wars, WW I, WW II, Korea [Ralph Carlson]
WW II Honor List of Dead or Missing
Union Soldiers - Burial Locations: Films

Union Soldiers Buried at Andersonville, 1866
The Book is arranged alphabetically by State and is fully searchable.
There are also Army & Navy Burial Lists at the end of the State Lists.

U.S. Army Generals' reports of Civil War service, 1864 - 1887 [Union Army]
Family Search, Catalog: These records are really interesting, Please use this Link

FS has Prison Burial Records and Burials in National Cemeteries in their Catalog

Homes for Disabled Veterans: 1866-1938: Searchable Database on FS]
"Soldiers of the Great War" [MN]
Military Headstone Applications: FS
1890 Veteran's Schedule: FS Searchable Database

Military Medical Records: National Archives
Records of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Search: DAR ~ GAR ~ SAR

Native Americans in Kanabec County
There are 11 federally recognized American Indian Tribes in Minnesota
A search on Archive.org site using "Indians in Minnesota" gives this result.
"How to trace Native American Ancestry"

Repatriation Database: Minnesota

Odds and Ends

>>>What's New<<<
Book Assortment: Crime, Biography, Medical
There are  download links for Archive.org & Google E Book Items

"The Physicians and Surgeons of the United States"
Edited By:
William B Atkinson, M D: Author of "Hints in the Obstertic Procedure," etc...
Philadelphia: Charles Robson, 1878
There are three Indexes, "Alpha", "Local" & "Analytical" The two most useful are Alpha and Local

The Indexes are Here

The Book can be read online or downloaded.

Woman's Who's Who of America"
A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Women of the United States and Canada
1914-1915: John William Leonard, Editor-in-Chief
New York: The American Commonwealth Company
There is no Alpha Index, instead the Authors saw fit to make one that is titled: "Her Married Name".
There is an Addenda - Corrections set of pages.
The Bios are listed Alphabetically.
The Addenda and 'Married Name'
The book can be read online or downloaded

Men of America"
A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries
Edited By: John W Leonard
L R Hamersly & Company
One West Thirty Fourth Street, New York city: 1908
There is no TOC or Index ~ Entries are Alphabetical :
Google Books: Read Online or Download

Men and Women of America"
A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries
L R Hamersly & Company
One West Thirty Fourth Street, New York city: 1910
Copyright 1909 By
L R Hamersly & Company, New York
There is no TOC or Index ~ Entries are Alphabetical
Read Online or Download

The American Bar"
The Professional Directoy of
Lawyers of the World
Sarah Livermore: Editor
Sixty-Second Annual Edition: 1980
Published by:
Reginald Bishop Forster & Associates, Inc
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Please use this link for Index and Split Sections

Professional Criminals of America"
Thomas Byrnes
Inspector of Police and Chief of Detectives: New York City
Cassell & Company, Limited
739 & 741 Broadway, New York
Copyright, 1886 By Thomas Brynes
Index and Sections are Here

Read Online or Download [FS]

A new Archive Service: Archive-It
Here is a new way to search MN Digital Newspapers
Please use this Link

Swedish Genealogy and Research, Archives

Quaker Records : Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota Monthly Meetings
Book: Download Here

FS, Quaker Information: Wiki

Minnesota Digital Library: Kanabec Images

Inventory of the County Archives of Minnesota, no. 33, Kanabec County (Mora)
Book: Download Here

"Reclaim the Records"
The above site uses the 'Freedom of Information'
act to initiate access to records.

"Minnesota Only" Family Search Collections
Listed by Type and Available Dates

Here is the Family Search Link for all of the Minnesota Records

Minnesota, Obituaries 1865-2006 ~ Minnesota Naturalization Card Index, 1930-1988
Minnesota Naturalization Records and Indexes, 1872-1962
 Minnesota Passenger and Crew Lists, 1912-1956
Minnesota Will Records, 1849-1985 ~ Minnesota Church Records, 1798-1991
Minnesota, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1869-1940
Minnesota, Military Discharge Records, ca.1917 - ca.1990
Minnesota, Veterans Grave Registration Reports, 1930-1975 ~ Minnesota, World War I Records, 1918-1941
 Minnesota World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1940-1947

Minnesota State Census Records
State Records for 1865 ~ 1875 ~ 1885 ~ 1895 ~ 1905
Minnesota Territorial Census: 1857
and lastly...
Minnesota Historical Society: Vital Records

Miscellaneous Kanabec Records: FS Catalog
Filmed Resources

Deed records, 1859-1965; index, 1885-1902

Naturalization & Citizenship
Minnesota, Kanabec County, Naturalization Records, 1867-1945
Minnesota, Kanabec County, naturalization records, 1918 / WWI

Note: There are similar sets of Naturalization Records [Above]
for each of Kanabec's Neighbors.
They can all be found in the FS Catalog.
Do a Generic Place Search, use the name of the County:
Like This: Then use the little 'down arrow' to open the links.

Probates & Wills

Minnesota Will Records : Collection Record, 1849-1985
Author: Minnesota Historical Society (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Minnesota, Kanabec County, Will Records, 1885-1918
Author: Minnesota Historical Society (St. Paul, Minnesota)
Note: This is a new collection, not all films are available

Probate case files, 1895-1920
Author: Minnesota. Probate Court (Kanabec County)

Minnesota, Kanabec County, Tax Records, 1859-1901

"The Fine Print"
Kanabec County Coordinator:
State Coordinator:Tim Stowell
Assistant State Coordinator: Karen De Groote
For information about adopting a Minnesota County, please contact Tim: Here is the  list of Counties

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